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Scale & Arpeggio Practice CD

I have a Scale & Arpeggio CD that assists string players with playing in tune. I have had several students use this CD to improve their intonation with excellent results. The CDs correspond to my scale & arpeggio pages (see the educational documents page). Each scale & arpeggio is two octaves and is recorded at quarter note equals 50. As students advance, they can add different bowings & rhythms or play different octaves than those marked on the scale and arpeggio sheets for additional challenge. The most recent version of this CD was produced using exclusively digital processing so the sound is outstanding.

Here is a list of the tracks from the back cover of the bass CD:

Here is an mp3 audio sample: 2 octave C Major Scale for Bass (544 kb)

You can order these CDs through the secure PayPal website. Select them at the link below. If you want to order more than one instrument's CD, you will need to return to this page and click on each CD seperately:

Scale and Arpeggio Practice CD for Violinists $15*
Scale and Arpeggio Practice CD for Violists $15*
Scale and Arpeggio Practice CD for Cellists $15*
Scale and Arpeggio Practice CD for Bassists $15*
* Shipping is included in price for addresses within the Continental United States.
Contact me at mwatson2@earthlink.net if you have questions. All Orders are processed through Pay Pal.

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